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We Love Our GPs

Passionate about primary care

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We Love Our GPs

There has been much talk in recent years about a GP crisis in the UK. There are simply not enough GPs; numbers are falling in real terms, while the number of patients, and the complexity of their needs, are increasing. The result is that GPs are demotivated, overstretched and underappreciated.

At Red Whale, we have always taken pride in supporting individual GPs, but now we want to do more to support the whole profession that we are so passionate about.

Our We Love Our GPs campaign is about not only celebrating the vital role of GPs and primary care, but also about making sure that GPs' voices and concerns are heard, listened to, and acted upon.

Diagnosing the GP crisis: voices from the front line of primary care

At the heart of our campaign is our white paper, based on our survey of over 1000 GPs across the UK.

The survey highlights what we, and the majority of those working on the frontlines of general practice have known for some time: the impact of unmanageable workloads has reached a critical point. This is having an effect on retaining and recruiting GPs, and on GPs' wellbeing and ability to perform their duty safely.

Our white paper puts our core findings into context, using data from other reports and surveys, together with the views and experiences of working GPs. It provides the Government, the RCGP, CCGs, NHS England and other decision-making bodies with feedback 'from the front line' - backed up by all the relevant figures.

We are listening to what GPs are saying, and we want those decision makers to listen too, before it's too late.

What Can I Do?

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Resources for GPs

Here at Red Whale we want to make things easy for busy GPs. So as well as campaigning for better recognition of the vital role of primary care, and acting as an amplifier for GP voices on the issues that matter, we are also offering GPs a range of downloadable resources.

Locum Essentials: the Red Whale Guide

UPDATED FOR 2017! Are you a Locum, or considering becoming one? This easy reference guide brings together all the administrative and surgery essentials you need.

Download Now >

Waiting Room Posters

Get the positive message across to help ease your workload. Save this PDF to your desktop, and tailor the posters' figures to suit your practice using Adobe Reader.

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Red Whale Course Discount Codes

Get £15 off any of our Lead. Manage. Thrive! courses throughout 2018.

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BLOG - How Not To Over Complicate The Revalidation Process

Dr Steve Pratt has 6 essential steps to ensure a smooth and successful revalidation process.

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Health At A Glance Report 2017

Great stuff is happening in the NHS and primary care, and our summary highlights some of the positive trends from the UK Healthcare sector. Published in the OECD Health At A Glance report 2017.

Download Now >

What you need to know - Statin initiations and Qrisk scores. Two part blog.

Essential take home messages and the full BJGP article.

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Suggested Patient Travel Letter - for patients wanting to take medication abroad

Download a suggested letter template for your patients who need to travel with medication.

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Scarlet fever on the rise

Remind yourself of the differential diagnoses and management guidance with our summary and take home messages

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Media resources

For all press enquiries about the 'We Love Our GPs' campaign, please email us or call 0118 960 7077.

Case Studies

GPs give us the inside scoop on their experiences of unmanageable workloads.

More case studies to come shortly...

Who We Are

Red Whale is one of the leading providers of primary care medical education in the UK, with over 13,000 primary care practitioners attending our courses each year. All our courses are evidence-based, relevant to everyday practice, and full of action points that delegates can take away and implement immediately. We are proud to say we take NO money whatsoever from the pharmaceutical industry. We tell it like it is, not how big pharma would like you to hear it!

If you want to ask any questions about the campaign, make suggestions or just say hello, contact us on 0118 960 7077 or email